Pirates :)

Hi everyone! So today my mani is dedicated to someone I met back in grade 5. She is one heck of a girl! I absolutely love her!! AND HER NAME RHYMES WITH BANANA! How much more awesome could she get? Well, I'll tell you! Her name is Rosanna(BANANA) Lam. She is someone that I know I can always talk to when I'm feeling down. She is an AMAZING artist, I WISH i was even half as good as her!! I also blame her for my nail polish addiction LOL. You see, it started off as me HATING nail polish... I KNOW RIGHT? unbeleiveable!! But anyway, one day my cousin was over n wanted to get a manicure, so we headed over to Rosannas moms shop, and I decided since Banana was working, I may as well get one too. She chose the color for me, a bright blue and I, for the first time, LOVED it!! And thats when the addiction began!
(Banana and I on our grad)

So anyway, I dedicate this mani to Rosanna because it is based on a memory we share of going to the movies a few times to watch Pirates Of The Caribbean. We both absolutely love the movie, and had had some fun times at the theatres. Haha, I remember going to watch the second one and i kept telling her that jack sparrow was SOOO hot! and she stared at me and thought i was a weirdo! Also that day when we stood in line for 2 or 3 hours on the opening night to see At Worlds End. Oh the crazy things I do with you banana! Your are such an awesome friend to hang out with and I'm so glad that we've kept our friendship alive for so long! So heres to you Rosanna!!!

To create this mani I used the following colors
Finger Paints: Putty In My Hands
Wet and Wild: Saved By The Blue
Opi: Suzi Loves Cowboys
Revlon: Revlon Red
Sinful Colors: Lagoon
Color Club: Steele This Look
Color Club: You're Golden
Wet and Wild: The Gold and the Beautiful
So Easy Stripe Rite: In Black and White

I Hope you all enjoyed this mani, especially you Rosanna!! I LOVE YOU<3
PS; don't forget to check out her book blog! http://prosesroses.wordpress.com/


  1. How fun! This is so cute, I hope Rosanna loved it. :)

  2. YEA PIRATES. We waited a ridiculous 3 or 4 hours for the fourth Harry Potter movie too! And the Ring 2 (they messed up the screen)! I guess I'm the only one crazy enough to wait for movies with you, on opening nights no less!
    I LOVE YOU 2 <3
    But that photo! X_X
    I started it all with bright blue nail polish ;)