Michael Jackson Frankens, pt1

Hello there everyone! Hope your day is going well! Today I wanted to show you all my Michael Jackson inspired frankens! As I mentioned before in my last post, I'm a fan of his music and I've decided to celebrate his life by making frankens with the names of his songs. I've created six frankens all together, but today I am only going to show you three of them, the mattes. Please note that the pictures are not my nails! I would like to thank the lovely Kimba for swatching these polishes for me! Recently I have broken a lot of nails at work and they were too small and oddly shaped to do swatches on! So thank you, again, Kimba!
And now, onto the good stuff!!


Smooth Criminal is a very black semi matte/glossy polish with fine silver and holographic sparkles. I named this polish Smooth Criminal because its not in-your-face shiny, is very subtle and has a very smooth looking finish.

 Thriller is a dark earthy green matte with some-what a suede-ey finish and a subtle shimmer. The reason I named this polish Thriller is because the first thing that comes to mind when I see this color is the zombies from his Thriller video. I think it makes a great halloweenish color. I am very proud of this franken :)

 Bad is a royal blue with a matte/sued-ey finish with a subtle shimmer. I chose the name bad because when I look at this polish, I literally think, DAMN this is so baddddd! hahah! This is one of my favorite frankens and I am so so proud of this :)

and heres a picture of the three of them with a top coat!

And there you have it! Bad, Thriller, and Smooth Criminal! I really hope you like these colors because I am so proud of them! Thanks for reading! and stay tuned for the other three colors on my post! Enjoy!


MJ inspired nail polish! **TEASER**

Why hello there my lovely followers! I'm so sorry I haven't been updating very much lately, I've been kind of busy for a while, but wait until you see why! As most of you know, I'm a fan of Michael Jackson and his music! It's really a shame that he's passed beacuse his music was truly inspiring. Today, June 25th marks the three year anniversary since his death. I wanted to celebrate his life with you all the best way I knew how, by frankening! I created six different MJ inspired frankens which I hope you all love!

The colors on the wheel shows as, The way you make me feel, Dirty Diana, Man in the Mirror, Bad, Thriller, and Smooth Criminal.

Stay tuned for more posts on this collection! thanks :)

ps; special thanks to my good friend kimba for her beautiful swatching! check out her blog! CLICK HERE