Vancouver Canucks!

Hello there everyone!! Today I am dedicating my mani to my wonderful friend Anum Iqbal! Now, I've known Anum since grade 10, and i swear to you, she is the ULTIMATE canucks fan! I have had soo many amazing memories with this girly over the past few years! I have never found someone that i can so easily talk about anything as much as i can with her! She is such a caring person and has just the greatest personality! Not to mention she is just the cutest thing ever! Anum I am so glad that i found you as a friend! You are such a special person! Dont EVER change <3
 (Anum and I celebrating the Canucks last year at Central City!)

There is never a dull moment when you're with anum! Some of these memories include, waterfights, watching movies, hanging out at the mall, decrating cupcakes, doing nails, screaming "WHOOOOOAAAA OMGGGGGG" everytime we saw something we were learning about at Science World, going to playland, and of course, celebrating the canucks!! But the memories that stand out the most to me when i think of anum is usually associated with the canucks! Therefore my dedication of this mani to her! Enjoy!

For this mani I used the following colors:
Wet and Wild: Saved By The Blue
Nubar: Reclaim
So Easy Stripe Rite: White

And there you go! My mani dedicated to the wonderful ANUM IQBAL! <3 you!!!

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  1. ooohh! Reclaim put to good use! I need to borrow that one from you ;)