OMG! Hi everyone! So, I wanted to do a blog about my new FAVORITE NAIL POLISH! It is called Bad Fairy by MAC, and it is also from the Venomous Villains collection, and all I have to say is WOW, this is one of the most amazing nail polishes that I own, it is simply amazing!!! Like seriously I am speechless! The color is a redish-copperish-maroon type of color and has a goldy duochrome effect. I bought this online off ebay for around $48. Now you can call me crazy but I think that this was money WELL SPENT! SOO worth it in the end!! It is very sheer, so you would have to put more than one coat, in this blog i put on 3 coats, but if if you'd  like you can use any similar color as a base first and just use one or two coats. The thing about this polish is that it takes a while to dry, so if you want to use it you must be patient! I will now be posting pictures below, beware of the picture overload, lol I just wanted you to see as many pictures as u can of this amazingness you are about to witness! I warn you, these pictures are filled with COMPLETE AWESOMENESS, and you may need to buy this product or anything like it asap, hah that being said, here they are! enjoy!! 

 this is one coat, very sheer, but it gets better i promise!!

this is two coats of Bad Fairy, looking pretttyyy ;)

and this is 3 coats of Bad fairy, SOO gorgeous! absolutely loving the color!

And NOW, the pictures you have all been waiting for!! THE DUO-CRAZINESSS!

WOOOOWWWZAAA!!! Freaking AMAZING RIGHT!?!??!! You MUST get this if you are in love with duochromes, this is absolutely amazing!! This polish is very easy to apply, but does take a while to dry, it also does have fine glitters in it making it a little extra work to remove, but well worth it!! I really hope you enjoyed this post and that you like this color enough to buy for yourself! Thanks <3


  1. lovely =) can't wait to see it in person!

  2. I'm telling your parents how much you spent on that bottle of nail polish :) JUST KIDDING!!