Dirty DIANA!

Hi everyonee!!! So, I've decided that my next few manis are going to be inspired by my best friends! This new mani is dedicated to my friends VERNISHA CHAND! Now you may remember that I mentioned her in my MAC bad fairy post. Vernisha is one of the most sweetest and most caring people i know! She is always there for me when I need her and she is one person I can truly be myself in front of. I am so greatful that i met her back in grade 9!
Now, I dont know how to explain this mani to you all. Vernisha is a dear friend, and I dont want you all to think she is dirty. LOL. I guess what I am trying to say is that this mani is based on an inside joke we have. I like to bug her once in a while and call her "Dirty Vernisha" . No, she is not a groupie like Dirty Diana, but I like to call her one anyway! LOL. She is one of the most amazing people i know, the song "Dirty Diana" well suits her awesomeness, I mean come on, the song was by MICHAEL JACKSON< he was pretty darn awesome himself.! So heres to you Vernisha!

Im sorry for the picture overload! I tried to get as much holoness as i could!!

For this mani I used the following colors:
Pure Ice: Black Rage
Make Up Store: Greta
Finger Paints: Romanticism Ruby
Sally Hansen Nail Art Pen: Red
So Easy Stripe Rite Brush: Black
And there you have it, another mani inspired by my bestie, I love you Vernisha! <3


  1. Holy Swatchsicles Anisha!! That nail art is amazing!!!

  2. Dang girl, the "Michael" is done so well!