MAC Formidable!

Hi everyone! So a while ago I ordered  a polish by MAC called Formidable. It comes from the Venomous Villains collections which is inspired by the Disney lady villains! Of course seeing as it has to do with disney i HAD to get it!! Unfortunately, when this collection came out, i hadnt had my nail polish addiction, so now the only way for me to get it is on ebay and pay a gajillion dollars for it lol!! The collection comes with only 3 colors, Formidable, Bad Fairy, and Mean&Green. I have both Formidable and Bad Fairy, but unfortunately can not find Mean&Green ANYWHERE! Although I hear it is almost an EXACT dupe of Space Cadet by Orly, so i just got Space Cadet. If any of you can get your hands on Mean&Green, let me know!!! I just received this polish today, even though it arrived weeks ago, it has been sitting at my best friend Vernishas house, THANK YOU VERNISHA FOR LETTING ME HOARD NAIL POLISH AT YOUR HOUSE BECAUSE MY PARENTS WILL KILL ME IF THEY FIND OUT I HAVE NAIL POLISH ARRIVING FOR ME TWO OR THREE TIMES A WEEK! LOL! Only a best friend would let you hoard nail polish at their house for months!!<3 Hahah! anyway, to get to the point of my post, I wanted to show you what Formidable looks like!! and YES, it is a DUOCHROME<3 Beware of picture overload in this post!!
 This is one coat of Formidable, very sheer with a dark plum tint to it.
2 coats of Formidable, starting to look amazing!!
 3 coats of Formadable, looking gorgeous!!
And now, time for the DUO-GOODNESS!!

HOLY DAMN!! FREAKING AMAZING RIGHT!! Its SOOOO PRETTY!! I am SO IN LOVE with this polish!!!! My camera cant even capture its gorgeousness!!! It looks so much more amazing in person! To those of you who don't have this polish, YOU MUST GET IT! If you are not willing to pay as much as I did for it, you should go for the Orly version of it!! It is very easy to apply. It does consist of fine glitters, meaning it would really be a huge pain in the butt to take off with nail polish remover, but seeing as how beautiful it is, I think its well worth it! Anyway, I hope this helps for those of you contemplating on buying it!

PS; sorry for the messy cuticles, i was just SO excited to show you guys!

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