Why hello there my lovlies! How are you all doing tonight? I'm doing pretty awesome because I've just created my very first presentable franken! I love it! Its a very sheer light green with glitter and a bit of maroon duoness to it! I am starting my very own Canucks-themed nail polish frankens! Heres what it looks like!
Now, this is 1x Pure Ice Black Rage, and 1x franken on the left, and one coat of franken on the right

I love it! So my wonderful friend Anum and I have come up with the name "luon-GOAL!" for it! We chose this name because Luongo is an AWESOME goalie no matter what anyone says and deserves a nail polish named after him LOL! We also figured it would be appropriate because when the canucks score a goal, the red light flashes so the duo color can represent the flashing siren light :) How do you feel about this color and its name?


Charlie Brown :D

Hi everyone! I hope you are all having a lovely time and enjoying your holidays! Today I wanted to show you all my holiday Charlie Brown themed nails! I had really fun doing these! Although I was challenged by the wonderful Rachel Griffin to do a different peanuts character on each finger, I only did them on three of my fingers, mostly because I'm lazy, but also because I've got some other stuff to do and I want to go to bed at a decent hour today!  Anyway, here they are!

So from Left to right i did snoopy, poinsetta, charlie brown, woodstock, and another poinsetta! To create this mani I used Wet and Wilds Sagreena the teenage witch as the base, and Finger Paints Putty In My Hands as charlie browns face. I also used the So Easy Stripe Rite in white for snoopy and in Black for the outlining and detailing. I used Ink art nail art brush in yellow for woodstock and Ink Art nail art brush in red for the poinsettas and snoopys hat, I also used Art club by color club in You're Golden for the outlining on the poinsettas :) I hope you all enjoyed my mani and try it out for yourselves! Thanks for reading <3

ps; dont forget to check out rachels AWESOME blog!  http://glam-polish.blogspot.com/


one ring to rule them all...

Hello my lovelies! Today I am going to show you another Kimba inspired mani! For those of you who dont know, Kim is one of my bestest friends! I've known her for sooo long and I bet you anything we're still gonna be friends when were super old breaking our hips and knitting our socks together! Today i am dedicating my Lord Of The Rings mani to her!

Now, I bet you're all wondering, "what does kim have to do with lord of the rings?" well I'll tell you! U see, back in grade 7 and 8, looong before my parents discovered making copies of house keys, I would walk home with kim and stay at her house until my mom got home from work. One week, we would get home every day and play a Lord of the Rings video game up until the time i had to go home. There was this one level we spent a good 3 days on trying to beat but we couldnt! In this level we had to team up and try to kill that thing that killed gandalf when he said "YOU SHALL NOT PASS!!!" on the bridge. We would play it over and over and LOSE every time! Eventually we got it though! Anyway, I just randomly thought of that and thought it was one pretty awesome memory we have together! LOL.

To create this mani I used the following colors:
Sally Hansen: Garnet Lapis
Art Club by color club: You're Golden
Wet and Wild: Everybody loves Redmond
Opi: you dont know jaques
Wet and Wild: Sagreena the Teenage Witch
Ink Art:Yellow
So easy stripe rite in black
So easy stripe rite in white
Ink art: Red glitter

So there you go, a LOTR mani inspired by one of the many memories with kimba!!

Alvin and the Chipmunks!

Hi everyone! Today i wanted to show you guys another mani i did just a day after i did my snowflakes mani! I was on facebook and a friend of mine posted the hula hoop song by alvin and the chipmunks! Seeing as it was stuck in my head for hours and hours after she posted it, I decided to do chipmunk inspired nails! besides, whats more christmasey than alvin and the chipmunks! <3
Now all i did was i painted over my last mani, so my thumb and pinky nails are still my snowflake nails! I used Catch me In Your Net as my base, so easy stripe rite in white, Finger paints Putty In My Hands, and INK nail art in red glitter, and also so easy stripe rite in black! This is one of my favorite designs and i hope you all love it!!

Snowflake Nails :)

Hello there everyone! I'm so sorry I haven't been updating for a while! I've been kinda busy and since its winter my skin and nails have been getting so dry and brittle, they look soo ugly so I've been avoiding painting my nails for a bit til i get them moisturized enough! Anyway, heres a mani I did about two weeks ago! It was the beginning of december so of course i had to start doing some christmas themed nail art! here are my snowflake nails :)
To create this mani I used Opi's Catch Me In Your Net from the summer flutter collection and i also used the so easy stripe rite in white to create the snowflakes! this was a super easy and fun design, hope you all enjoy it :D


Vancouver Canucks!

Hello there everyone!! Today I am dedicating my mani to my wonderful friend Anum Iqbal! Now, I've known Anum since grade 10, and i swear to you, she is the ULTIMATE canucks fan! I have had soo many amazing memories with this girly over the past few years! I have never found someone that i can so easily talk about anything as much as i can with her! She is such a caring person and has just the greatest personality! Not to mention she is just the cutest thing ever! Anum I am so glad that i found you as a friend! You are such a special person! Dont EVER change <3
 (Anum and I celebrating the Canucks last year at Central City!)

There is never a dull moment when you're with anum! Some of these memories include, waterfights, watching movies, hanging out at the mall, decrating cupcakes, doing nails, screaming "WHOOOOOAAAA OMGGGGGG" everytime we saw something we were learning about at Science World, going to playland, and of course, celebrating the canucks!! But the memories that stand out the most to me when i think of anum is usually associated with the canucks! Therefore my dedication of this mani to her! Enjoy!

For this mani I used the following colors:
Wet and Wild: Saved By The Blue
Nubar: Reclaim
So Easy Stripe Rite: White

And there you go! My mani dedicated to the wonderful ANUM IQBAL! <3 you!!!