So the other day I was at the mall and saw this polish, and I thought it was absolutely GORGEOUS! It is by OPI and is called Extra-va-vaganza. It is part of the Burlesque line ( the one from the movie with Cher and Christina Aguilera) I haven't seen the movie, but i LOVE this color from the polish line!!
This polish consists of mostly a fine copper/goldy glitter, but also has some speckles of green, blue, pink, and silver glitter as well. This polish is VERY sparkly, my camera could not capture the beautiful glittery shimmer it had!

This picture is no where NEAR as pretty and as shimery as it is in real life!! I really LOVE this color and I think you should all get it!! So so so so so pretty!! Here are a few more pics that somewhat show how pretty it is!!!
ps; In these pictures, I am wearing 3 coats of extra-va-vaganza, and one coat of seche vite top coat! enjoy!!


Leopard Nails

Hey everyone! So sorry I haven't been updating for a while, I've been trying to let my nails breathe for a bit because they have started peeling and breaking a lot and are very weak now. I just wanted to post my leopard nails that I did a while ago! I love them :) they were so fun to do and very easy! Any way, here they are!
 (click to view larger)

I had also gotten my henna done that night so that is the brown stuff you are seeing on my fingers lol! So for this design, I used the following colors:

 Revlon:Gold Coin
Kiss: Nail Art Paint in Black
Art Club by Color Club Striping Polish:Copper


Panda Nails!!!

Hey everyone!! I just wanted to post my Panda nails that I did a few weeks ago! I got a lot of comments on them and I really liked them so I decided to post :)
It was really fun and cute, and super easy!!!!

I used the following colors:
Finger Paints : Putty In My Hands
Pure Ice : Black Rage
Kiss: Nail Art Paint in White.

Elephant Nails!!

Hey everyone! So for those of you  who don't know very much about me, I'd like to say there are 2 things I absolutely LOVE to collect. 1) Nail polish, obviously lol! and 2) ELEPHANTS! I don't have very many stuffed elephant toys, I'm just starting to collect more and more!
my collection so far!

I've always had a fascination with elephants, they are the most beautiful creatures! And SO smart too! Did you know they have funerals? YEAH they do! When they find a deceased elephant or if one of their own passes, they all gather around the body one and touch them with their trunks one last time before they carry on. So sad and so sweet! Anyway, seeing as how I love elephants so much, I decided to do an elephant nail design!
For the dark gray I used a franken of mine which consists of a VERY old superstore white nail polish and a few drops of Pure Ice Black. The white for the elephant nails, eyes and tusks is Kiss Nail Art Paint in white and the black for the eyes and outlines is Kiss Nail Art in black. This is one of my favorite designs! Hope you all like it!!

Nubar Reclaim :)

Hi All! So the other day I received my very first Nubar!! The one I got was Nubar's Reclaim! Its a holo! When I first put this on I was AMAZED by its beauty! It is very linear and has a softness to it! When I saw this on my nails i immediately imagined green grass on a sunny day with little droplets of water on them from a drizzling rain the night before.
  (click to view larger)

Beautiful isn't it? I will definately be buying more nubar colors! 

One thing I didn't like about this was that it chipped within a day! Although it may just be my base coat that isn't really doing its job, because most holos I own usually chip within the day of or the day after of applying for me, but other than that, this polish is AMAZING and I suggest you all get it!!

Revlon Blue Mosaic

Hi everyone! Sorry I haven't updated my blog in a while, I've been so busy the past few weeks and I also have been avoiding my computer since every time I go on it, I end up going on ebay and buying nail polish and paying WAAY more than I should be lol!! But anyway, for the past couple months I have been trying to find Revlon Blue Mosaic and Revlon Facets Of Fuschia and I couldn't find it anywhere!! I checked Walmart, Walgreens, Rite Aid, London Drugs, EVERYWHERE, and no luck!! Of course I JUST found it about a week ago at work (Save on Foods)! Who would have guessed right? Anyway I just wanted to show you all how GORGEOUS it looks!

 (click image to view larger)

ISN'T IT SO GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!! LOL I wore it to work that day and ALL the customers loved it! Thanks to me we even sold a bunch that night!! Although, because I'm Indian and have darker skin, I had to put a base of Pure Ice in black as a base and then paint Blue Mosaic on top, otherwise it would be way too light for me! 

(click to view larger)

In this picture I am only wearing 1 coat of Pure Ice in black and 1 coat of Blue Mosaic. It wears applies very well and lasted about 4 or 5 days. I am VERY pleased with this product!!! Removing is  kind of hard and takes a while, but what glitter doesn't? Anyway hope this helps for those wanting to get this color!! Thanks!