Hey there everyone! So today I wanted to show you guys my BATMAN mani! For those of you who dont know, I love batman! When I was a kid me and my sis would watch the cartoon, and the show with the real people in it. We also watched the movies, my favorite being the most recent ones of course. I could literally sit and watch them on repeat for days! UNFORTUNATELY my batman mani was a fail LOL. I used tips, only to realize the tips were all too big for most of my fingers, and I also tried my new gel base and top coat, which dont really dry that well under my uv lamp. There was some smudging when I added topcoat, but I'm still really proud of this mani! That was until I nearly poked my eye out.. LOL I got the idea of the bat ears from a picture of some nails a friend posted on facebook a while ago and thought I'd incorporate them into my mani :) anyway, hope you like it!

Michael Jackson Frankens pt2

Hello there my lovlies! Today I am going to show you the second part of my MJ inspired frankens!

Man In The Mirror
This franken is a silvery grey with lots silver glitter, or you could say, lots of tiny "mirrors" LOL. Of course I had to have a nail polish named Man in the Mirror!

Dirty Diana
Dirty Diana is a bright red polish that also has a gold/flakey shimmer. I named this polish Dirty Diana because in his song, he describes Diana all dressed in red, and also becaused I think that the gold shimmer to it represents the fame and fortune that Diana is always after.

The Way You Make Me Feel
Now, this franken is not like the others. The Way You Make Me Feel is a very sheer, holographic top coat with silver, multicolor and silver bar glitters. I named this polish The Way You Make Me Feel because, well, look at it! LOL knocked me off of my feet as soon as I finished making it ahaha! Anyway, it is meant as a top coat but does well on its own as well :)

( Over Man In The Mirror)

(Over Smooth Criminal)

(Over Bad)

(Over Thriller)

(Over Dirty Diana)

(By itself on pinky finger)

And there you have it! My MJ inspired frankens! hope you all love them! Once again, I would like to remind you all that these are NOT my nails, the wonderful KIMBA was kind enough to swatch them for me because my nails were too nubby! Thank you so much Kim!!!
check out her site here: KIMS BLOG