Hello everyone! Today my manicure is dedicated to one of my best friends. She is someone that I can always count on to bring a smile to my face when Im feeling down. And even though we can go weeks, even months without talking, i know she will always be there! She is a true bestfriend and I am SO lucky to have someone as fun and as amazing as her in my life!
 (Daljinder and me!)
NO, she is not a banana. We used to watch an AWESOME show when we were kids called "Bananas In Pajamas". It was about two twin banana brothers named "B1" and "B2" that would always some awesome adventures. Anyway, we loved the show so much as kids that one day we decided that since were such good friends, almost sisters, we would call each other B1 and B2, Daljinder(my best friend) being B1 and me being B2. So thats why I dedicate this mani to her!

To create this mani I used the following colors:
Sally Hansen Insta-Dry : Lightening
So Easy Stripe Rite: White
So Easy Stripe Rite: Black
Sinful Colors Nail Art brush: Lagoon
Wet n Wild: Saved by the Blue
Opi: You Don't Know Jaques!

And there you have it! My mani inspired by my bestie, Daljinder Bhullar, I love you!!

PS; I'd like to thank my wonderful friend KATY FITCHETT, because if it wasn't for her, i wouldnt have done this mani. You see, i first thought of doing this mani because i was missing my friend and i thought of this as a way to represent her in a mani, but then i had doubts because i didnt want to go out in public and have random ppl look at me like im weird for having a childrens tv show themed nails,but then i started talking to katy and she convinced me to just do them on one hand and post a pic and just say it was my little cousins nails or something! haha i didnt lie to you guys about it being my cousins hand though, haha this is MY HAND and i am PROUD OF IT! haha but thanks kootoo! 


  1. So cute! I love how you portrayed them! Honestly, I think the reason I don't try nail art other than lines and squiggles is b/c I'm embarrassed for people to look at it.

  2. awww! dont be!! you're amazing at art! ppl will be paying to look at them!!!