Rainbow-Cloud Nails!

Hey everyone! Today I want to show you guys some nail art inspired by my cousin/niece/sis Ashley Ram! I love her! like I said in my last post Ashley is allyshas sister! I LOVE them both SO much! Ashley is just one of those amazing ppl you always gotta be around! Her whole family is! Ashley is such a fun person, always the life of the party, and always there when you need someone! the true definition of family!
 (Ashley and I camping)

Ashley and I are nature buddies!!! I absolutely love that whenever we go camping shes not afraid to go exploring around the site with me to go on nature walks and take pretty pictures! I always have so much fun with her! She and her sis also were the ones that kinda got me into this whole nail craze starting from those hand and foot massages i've been giving them since god knows when ahha! Anyway, the reason I did cloud/rainbow nails on Ashley is because her astronomical name is cloud, but she also LOVES rainbows! I really had fun doing this mani! I hope you all enjoy it :D

Allysha Aurora!

hello there everyone!! Today I wanna show you some nail art I did the other day! It was inspired by one of my favorite cousins! Well really, shes my niece, but its weird calling her my niece because shes older than me by two years and i consider her as more of a sister than a niece! I've known allysha for all my life! We've grown up together! She is seriously such an amazing human being! She is such a great role model, I pretty much look up to her! We've had so many great memories together over that past years and I cherish them all!
 ( Allysha and I at a our cousins wedding )

One of my favorites was waayyy back when we were like 8 and 6 or something, she came over n we started going through all my indian clothes and saw that i had two exact same outfits but in different colors! One was brown and one was blue, so we both put them on and started modeling them for our moms! LOL just a funny memory that always gets me smiling whenever i think back on it. So, the reason I'm doing Aurora nails for Allysha is because its her new astronomical name! We all have one! Im Nebula, my sister Risha is Star, my cousin/sis/niece/allysha's sister is Cloud and so on. This was my very first attempt at galaxyish type of nails and I'm pretty proud of it! i say it looks good for a first try! but it did end up kind of avatarish looking so i had to add in trees to make sure it looked like a sky lol! Anyway, I hope you all love it!



Hello there :) Today I wanted to show you all this really cool polish I got last year. It was my very first Ebay purchase and I absolutely LOVE IT! Its OPI DS Royal! It is a duochromey shimmery pinky purple that shifts to a blue shimmer! It is seriously BEAUTIFUL! Best decision I've ever made! The lady on ebay was only selling it for 7$!!! I thought it might have been a fake but took the risk anyway! LOL. This polish is currently HTF and last I saw it was selling on ebay for around 24-30$ Anyway! Here are the pics!!!

sooooo pretty right!!?!??! In these pics I' wearing 2 coats of the polish and one coat of Seche Vite. Sally Hansen also came out with a dupe of this called DVD part of the HD line but the base is more of a bluish purple where as this one is more of a pinkish purple. If you can get your hands on this polish for a decent price, i say go for it!! Hope you enjoyed!

Color Club Holos..

 Why hello there my lovlies! Today I wanted to show you guys the two color club holos that I own. These were my very first holographic polishes and I got them from my wonderful friend kim :) I have Revvvolution from the femme fatale line and also wild at heart. They are both GORGEOUS colors, i absolutely love them. Although they cant compare to most of the other holos out there, I think its a great holo for a cheaper brand. And guess what? theyre easy to get to!! not HTF like some of the other ones! You can get these from online or in supply stores for around 4$ But be careful! there is both a holo version and a non holo version for both of these polishes and its really hard to tell which is which, be sure to take a flashlight or put it up in the sun to make sure you get the holo version! Any way, heres what they look like! (beware of picture overload!)

 ( In these pictures I am wearing Revvolution with a Wild at Heart accent nail)

Isn't it just gorgeous?? I absolutely love the colors of these polishes! They are also regular polishes so you dont need to use some sort of special basecoat or top coat on them, I used seche vite as a top coat for these! The only problem I've had with these polishes is that they tend to chip very easily on me, my mom and sis. Im not sure if its the polish or if its just us because others say that it lasts on them for days, but for us it usually chips either the next day or even within a few hours :(  But other than that I think its a great polish! Hope you enjoyed!!

ps; Don't forget to check out my friend kims blog! She always has the coolest posts!