31 day challenge! day 2



For day 2 I decided to use China Glaze Sun Worshipper. I've had this color for about a year now and I only used it once! My sister convinced me to buy it but I never use it because it doesnt look that great on my skin tone!

August 31 Day Challenge!

Hey everyone! So I decided to take part in this August 31 day challenge!! I'm so excited because I've never done a challenge before so it seems like so much fun! you should all join in :) I am a few days late to post though, because I've been kind of busy these past few days! but here it is!


So for day one I decided to use China Glaze Ruby Pumps and Sally Hansen red crackle over top! I like this mani because its got that rough feel, kind of reminds me of those old alligator skin purses that my aunt used to have lol!