Kimba Inspired Mani Pt2

HI all!!!! So, like i said in the previous post, I am doing best friend inspired nails, and that since ive been such good friends with Kimba, I can't just do one mani, so I'm doing a few based on her! Now, this newest mani is based on a song that we had to play in band back when we were in grade 7. The song is called "Dr.ROCKenstein" and is written by Steve Hodges. Unfortunately, I was unable to find ANY information on this song at all, so I had to just do whatever came to mind! I used to spend a lot of time at kimbas house back in the day, so whenever we had just finished eating lunch, we would wash the dishes together and sing this song! " do do do do.. DOOOOOOOOOOO do do do do." LOL it was so awesome! Anyway, its another crazy memory that comes to mind when i think of kim, hope you enjoy!

To create this mani I used the following polishes:
Revlon: Midnight Affair
Revlon: Garden
Revlon: Sparkle
So Easy Stripe Rite: Black
So Easy Stripe Rite: White
Art Club By Color Club: Steele This Look

And there you have it, another mani inspired by the lovely, Kimba!


  1. Awesome! If I recall correctly, it is actually a German song? It was in my piano book. I can look it up later for you lol =p

    Let's go wash some dishes!