Rainbow-Cloud Nails!

Hey everyone! Today I want to show you guys some nail art inspired by my cousin/niece/sis Ashley Ram! I love her! like I said in my last post Ashley is allyshas sister! I LOVE them both SO much! Ashley is just one of those amazing ppl you always gotta be around! Her whole family is! Ashley is such a fun person, always the life of the party, and always there when you need someone! the true definition of family!
 (Ashley and I camping)

Ashley and I are nature buddies!!! I absolutely love that whenever we go camping shes not afraid to go exploring around the site with me to go on nature walks and take pretty pictures! I always have so much fun with her! She and her sis also were the ones that kinda got me into this whole nail craze starting from those hand and foot massages i've been giving them since god knows when ahha! Anyway, the reason I did cloud/rainbow nails on Ashley is because her astronomical name is cloud, but she also LOVES rainbows! I really had fun doing this mani! I hope you all enjoy it :D

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  1. Awwww NAZYYYYY!!! WE LOVE YOU!! I love those massages, you never disappoint! :) Lol to the "cousin/niece/sis", people reading that are probably like what the heck is going on here! :P Love the nails btw so cute! :)