Hello there :) Today I wanted to show you all this really cool polish I got last year. It was my very first Ebay purchase and I absolutely LOVE IT! Its OPI DS Royal! It is a duochromey shimmery pinky purple that shifts to a blue shimmer! It is seriously BEAUTIFUL! Best decision I've ever made! The lady on ebay was only selling it for 7$!!! I thought it might have been a fake but took the risk anyway! LOL. This polish is currently HTF and last I saw it was selling on ebay for around 24-30$ Anyway! Here are the pics!!!

sooooo pretty right!!?!??! In these pics I' wearing 2 coats of the polish and one coat of Seche Vite. Sally Hansen also came out with a dupe of this called DVD part of the HD line but the base is more of a bluish purple where as this one is more of a pinkish purple. If you can get your hands on this polish for a decent price, i say go for it!! Hope you enjoyed!

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