Allysha Aurora!

hello there everyone!! Today I wanna show you some nail art I did the other day! It was inspired by one of my favorite cousins! Well really, shes my niece, but its weird calling her my niece because shes older than me by two years and i consider her as more of a sister than a niece! I've known allysha for all my life! We've grown up together! She is seriously such an amazing human being! She is such a great role model, I pretty much look up to her! We've had so many great memories together over that past years and I cherish them all!
 ( Allysha and I at a our cousins wedding )

One of my favorites was waayyy back when we were like 8 and 6 or something, she came over n we started going through all my indian clothes and saw that i had two exact same outfits but in different colors! One was brown and one was blue, so we both put them on and started modeling them for our moms! LOL just a funny memory that always gets me smiling whenever i think back on it. So, the reason I'm doing Aurora nails for Allysha is because its her new astronomical name! We all have one! Im Nebula, my sister Risha is Star, my cousin/sis/niece/allysha's sister is Cloud and so on. This was my very first attempt at galaxyish type of nails and I'm pretty proud of it! i say it looks good for a first try! but it did end up kind of avatarish looking so i had to add in trees to make sure it looked like a sky lol! Anyway, I hope you all love it!

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  1. Aww! I am so honoured to be the topic of one of your posts! I consider you my sister too! And you look up to me? Awwwwwwwwwwww!!!!!!! Never a dull moment with us :) I miss hanging out! This summer we will hang lots! <3