Layla Ocean Rush

Hello there everyone! It's a beautiful day out today and I wanted to show you all one of my new favorites, Layla Hologram in Ocean Rush! It's a GORGEOUS aqua blue holo!! I've never seen any polish thats SOOOO holo! Its seriously so amazing that my cameras couldn't even capture all of the holoness!!! Layla Hologram Effect nail polish comes in eight colors, a silver, jade, coral. pink, violet, light blue, a darker blue and a black. Today I'll be showing you the darker blue :) Here it is! ( BEWARE OF PICTURE OVERLOAD!!!!)
 (and under indirect sunlight)

This polish is SUPER AMAZING!! even in the shade its super holo! unfortunately none of my cameras would pick up the holoness in the shade :( But it is one of those polishes thats a MUST have! So if you've got access to it, GO BUY IT! Its about $17 USD on ebay, expensive yes, but totally worth it!! The sad thing about this is that you can't just use any base coat on your nails or it will get very blotchy, but if you use an aqua base you're good to go! Another thing you can do is buff your nails, if you order off ebay they send you a layla nail buffer along with your polish, but if not its about $5USD online or you can get a revlon one cheap from a drugstore. Hope you enjoyed! let me know what you think!

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