Why hello there my lovlies! How are you all doing tonight? I'm doing pretty awesome because I've just created my very first presentable franken! I love it! Its a very sheer light green with glitter and a bit of maroon duoness to it! I am starting my very own Canucks-themed nail polish frankens! Heres what it looks like!
Now, this is 1x Pure Ice Black Rage, and 1x franken on the left, and one coat of franken on the right

I love it! So my wonderful friend Anum and I have come up with the name "luon-GOAL!" for it! We chose this name because Luongo is an AWESOME goalie no matter what anyone says and deserves a nail polish named after him LOL! We also figured it would be appropriate because when the canucks score a goal, the red light flashes so the duo color can represent the flashing siren light :) How do you feel about this color and its name?

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  1. tee hee I like you're story. I'm waiting for my burrows, kesler and swedish twins polish =)