Alvin and the Chipmunks!

Hi everyone! Today i wanted to show you guys another mani i did just a day after i did my snowflakes mani! I was on facebook and a friend of mine posted the hula hoop song by alvin and the chipmunks! Seeing as it was stuck in my head for hours and hours after she posted it, I decided to do chipmunk inspired nails! besides, whats more christmasey than alvin and the chipmunks! <3
Now all i did was i painted over my last mani, so my thumb and pinky nails are still my snowflake nails! I used Catch me In Your Net as my base, so easy stripe rite in white, Finger paints Putty In My Hands, and INK nail art in red glitter, and also so easy stripe rite in black! This is one of my favorite designs and i hope you all love it!!

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