one ring to rule them all...

Hello my lovelies! Today I am going to show you another Kimba inspired mani! For those of you who dont know, Kim is one of my bestest friends! I've known her for sooo long and I bet you anything we're still gonna be friends when were super old breaking our hips and knitting our socks together! Today i am dedicating my Lord Of The Rings mani to her!

Now, I bet you're all wondering, "what does kim have to do with lord of the rings?" well I'll tell you! U see, back in grade 7 and 8, looong before my parents discovered making copies of house keys, I would walk home with kim and stay at her house until my mom got home from work. One week, we would get home every day and play a Lord of the Rings video game up until the time i had to go home. There was this one level we spent a good 3 days on trying to beat but we couldnt! In this level we had to team up and try to kill that thing that killed gandalf when he said "YOU SHALL NOT PASS!!!" on the bridge. We would play it over and over and LOSE every time! Eventually we got it though! Anyway, I just randomly thought of that and thought it was one pretty awesome memory we have together! LOL.

To create this mani I used the following colors:
Sally Hansen: Garnet Lapis
Art Club by color club: You're Golden
Wet and Wild: Everybody loves Redmond
Opi: you dont know jaques
Wet and Wild: Sagreena the Teenage Witch
Ink Art:Yellow
So easy stripe rite in black
So easy stripe rite in white
Ink art: Red glitter

So there you go, a LOTR mani inspired by one of the many memories with kimba!!


  1. I freaking LOVE this manicure! It is literally EPIC! :)

  2. LMFAO!!!! <3 <3 <3 We should go play Harry Potter again!