Hey there everyone! Today I am going to be showing you my new Canucks themed franken polishes! I had a lot of fun making them and I'm so proud of these because I am so new at frankening! Let me know what you think! Also, beware of glitter overload! Anyone that knows me should know that when it comes to nail polish, I am a glitter-a-holic! So most of these frankens consist of A LOT of glitter! Enjoy!

You like? I do! LOL the names of these polishes from left to right are called:
Believe In Blue, Oh Henrik ;)  Luon-GOAL!, I'm So Lappy, Trevor My Linden, Johnny Canuck, Praise the Keslord, Bobby Lou Blue, Dan The Man, and Meet me in the Burrows. LOL I had help with some AWESOME Canucks fans with naming them! Thank you Anum, Velheena, Risha, Vernisha, Kimba and Rebecca <3

Bobby Lou Blue, Trevor My Linden, Praise The Keslord
Bobby Lou Blue: This franken consists of large blue and green holographic hexy glitters along with smaller and more fine blue glitter. It is very sheer so it would look great layered over black or another color. This color is named Bobby Lou Blue because it represents Luongo, the Canucks goalie. Bobby Lou is one of his nicknames :)

Trevor My Linden: This Color consists of an orange jelly base with large orange holographic hexy glitters along with small golden and red hexy glitters, small black hexy glitters and fine orange/gold glitters. Another color that would great layered over back or other colors. This color is named Trevor my Linden because it represents Trevor linden. It represents the old Canucks colors of orange, red, yellow, and black.

Praise the Keslord: This polish also contains large green holographic hexy glitters along with very fine green glitter and a pinch of fine golden glitter too :) This polish is named Praise the Keslord because it represents Ryan Kesler! Keslord is another nick name for Kesler as well!

The three colors layered over black.

Oh Henrik ;) and Dan The Man
 Because these two colors are so similar, I named these two after the two twins Henrik and Daniel Sedin :) They are different from each other though, Oh Henrik is more Blue where as Dan the man Is more of a green! SEE?
(can u guess who's who?)

Oh Henrik on the left and Dan the Man on the right.

As you can see, Oh Henrik is more of a Bluey base with a faint green glittery duoness, where as Dan the Man is more of a green base with a more blue glittery duoness!

I'm So Lappy, Meet Me In The Burrows, and Johnny Canuck!
I'm So Lappy: This color is made up of lots and lots of green, blue, and golden fine glitters. It has a little bit of small silver glitters in it as well. This polish is named I'm so Lappy because it represents my sisters favorite player, Maxim Lapierre. I call it Im So Lappy because it is very glittery and makes you feel all warm and happy when you see it, LOL.

Meet Me In The Burrows: This color is a Canucks blue and it has some small and fine holographic glitters. This polish represents Alex Burrows an awesome star player. :)

Johnny Canuck: This is a green polish with some fine blue glitters along with  some larger blue glitters. This color is called Johnny Canuck because green and blue are the main colors of the canucks. Johnny Canuck is one of our Canucks Logos :)

 Believe in Blue, and Luon-GOAL!

Believe in Blue: This Color is a deep blue shimmer. It represents the Blue of the canucks. It is very rich in color, and has a nice shimmer to it!  i love it :)

Luon-GOAL!: This is a very sheer light green with a bit of a maroon duotone. I mentioned this in my last blog and how its a great color to layer over black! :) In the picture above, i have Luon-GOAL by itself, and again layered over black. This color represents luongo because hes awesome and because when the canucks score a red siren goes off. Heres a link to my last post about this polish. http://www.naizysnailaddiction.blogspot.com/2011/12/luon-goalllll.html

And there you go! My canucks themed nail polish frankens! Let me know how you feel about the colors :) hope you all enjoy!


  1. I absolutely love meet me in the burrows! It's my favorite!

  2. These are awesome!

  3. LOVEEEEEEEEEEEE I need the swedish twins and burrows to meet me in the burrows please and thanks =p

  4. I thought this was an actual nail polish line until I read your post in more detail for a second time :P