Make Up Store Holos!

Hello everyone! I just wanted to show you some swatches of the Make Up Store Holos that I bought from my friend Kimba a while ago! Today was a beautiful sunny day making it perfect to swatch! There are four different holo colors! Britta which is a pink holo, Madeline which is more of a peachy/nudey holo, Siw which is a light blue holo, and of course the famous Greta which is a silver holo. Although some might say that you need to use a special aquafix base coat for these other wise it will apply very blotchy, I've tried it with my Orly Bonder Rubberized base coat and it applies just fine, but thats just me lol. Beware of being blinded, these polishes are SO holo!! Gorgeous! I would say that it is very similar to the China Glaze OMGs, but even better!!! You can purchase these polishes online for about $14 USD. Anyway, here are the beautiful pictures you have all been waiting for!

Pictures from thumb to pinky go as Britta, Madeline, Siw, Greta, and Britta again.
( under a study light )

( under regular room light )

( under direct sunlight)

( indirect sunlight)

And there you go! These polishes are AMAZING! I suggest you all go and get one right now LOL, you will NOT AT ALL be disappointed! I promise! I hope you all enjoyed!

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