Hi all! today I wanted to show you guys a swatch comparison between 5 different polishes I did a few days ago. I used the following colors: OPI Catch Me In Your Net, Zoya Charla, Jessies Girl Glee, Essence Choose Me and Orly Halley's Comet.(Not in this order) Here they are!

Can you guess which is which? Neither can I! I'll give you a few minutes to figure them out!

Ready? Here it is!
 Charla, Halleys Commet, Catch Me In Your Net, Choose Me, and Glee

They are all the same formula but in my opinion, OPI Catch me in your net is the best one because it has the best brush, next i would go with Halleys commet, then Charla, then Choose me and last would be Glee. Although it doesnt show up much in the pictures i would say that the Essence and the Jessie's Girl have a lot more shimmer and show up more green in person. They are all pretty inexpensive except for Catch me in your net which is kind of htf but you can usually buy them for around 15-20$ on ebay. Hope you enjoyed this post!

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