Hello everyone! Sorry I have not been posting on here. I just haven't had much inspiration lately! But its all okay because I have come up with my most favorite design yet! BOB ROSS nails! For those of you who don't know who Bob Ross is, he was a painter. An AMAZING painter that is! He used to have his own show called "The Joy Of Painting" with thirteen episodes. In those episode he would teach his viewers how to paint a beautiful painting within 30 minutes. He was an awesome teacher, and he proved that ANYONE can paint. He died in 1995 after a long battle with lymphoma.
The reason I chose to do a Bob Ross mani is because when I was a kid I used to watch his show all the time. He is pretty much the reason I love art so much! He taught me that everyone has a special artistic talent! I even remember being in kindergarden and painting a picture while pretending to be like him! LOL. Anyway, he is truly an inspiration and definately deserves nails dedicated to him!

 And here it is!!!
On my thumb here I have the face of  Bob Ross
On my index finger I've got a scene with a happy little tree of course!
On my middle finger I've got a tie dye background with the name Bob Ross and the years 1942-1995. celebrating his life ( sorry about the B, I was trying out a new top coat and it bled )
On my ring finger here I've got some mountains in a sunset sky with a few happy little clouds ( which my camera wouldnt pick up *sad face* )
And on ly pinky finger Ive got some happy little trees in the night sky :p

And there you have it! My Bob Ross mani! I hope you all enjoyed!

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