MUS Greta VS China Glaze OMG

Hello there everyone! Today I am going to do something that I haven't done on here before, a swatch comparison! And of course its gonna be a comparison of two awesome holos because today is such a beautiful day!
Make Up Store Greta: 8mL, comes in a long and pretty cylinder bottle. The holoness doesn't really show up in the bottle, and you need to use a special MUS aquafix base coat or else it will apply blotchy, although, I have tried this with Orly Bonder  Rubberized basecoat and in my opinion, works just fine. You can find this online at http://www.makeupstore.se/usen/products/nails/holographic/ and start from $14 USD.

China Glaze OMG: 15mL, comes in regular China Glaze bottles. The holoness shows up really well in the bottle, and any base coat for this polish will be fine. This polish is very hard to find, and the price range can be anywhere as $4 to $60.

Now, lets see what they look like!
 (thumb to pinky goes as Greta, OMG, Greta, OMG, Greta)

(under a study light)

 ( under direct sunlight )

(thumb Greta, index OMG)
As you can see, China glaze is more subtle and soft as MUS is more radiant. They both have the same rainbow effect, just one is more softer than the other. I love both of these! I think Greta would be more of a regular nail use where as china glaze would look better as a stamping polish! what do you think?

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  1. Wow Greta is simply stunning! It's so linear and pigmented it glows! Great comparison of the two!