Nubar Reclaim :)

Hi All! So the other day I received my very first Nubar!! The one I got was Nubar's Reclaim! Its a holo! When I first put this on I was AMAZED by its beauty! It is very linear and has a softness to it! When I saw this on my nails i immediately imagined green grass on a sunny day with little droplets of water on them from a drizzling rain the night before.
  (click to view larger)

Beautiful isn't it? I will definately be buying more nubar colors! 

One thing I didn't like about this was that it chipped within a day! Although it may just be my base coat that isn't really doing its job, because most holos I own usually chip within the day of or the day after of applying for me, but other than that, this polish is AMAZING and I suggest you all get it!!

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