Elephant Nails!!

Hey everyone! So for those of you  who don't know very much about me, I'd like to say there are 2 things I absolutely LOVE to collect. 1) Nail polish, obviously lol! and 2) ELEPHANTS! I don't have very many stuffed elephant toys, I'm just starting to collect more and more!
my collection so far!

I've always had a fascination with elephants, they are the most beautiful creatures! And SO smart too! Did you know they have funerals? YEAH they do! When they find a deceased elephant or if one of their own passes, they all gather around the body one and touch them with their trunks one last time before they carry on. So sad and so sweet! Anyway, seeing as how I love elephants so much, I decided to do an elephant nail design!
For the dark gray I used a franken of mine which consists of a VERY old superstore white nail polish and a few drops of Pure Ice Black. The white for the elephant nails, eyes and tusks is Kiss Nail Art Paint in white and the black for the eyes and outlines is Kiss Nail Art in black. This is one of my favorite designs! Hope you all like it!!


  1. Aww this is absolutely adorable . I have to try .

  2. i love this!! my sister is obsessed with elephants, i havta try this for her!